Dermatology #

Worrysome Signs/Symptoms in Skin Lesions #

  • Bleeds (atraumatically)
  • Grows
  • Itches
  • Changes

Moles #

Examples of variety

Helpful Hints #

  • Dermatographya
  • Hair products can irritate around eyes and behind ears (not good at rinsing back there)
  • Best bleaching cream => Triluma (treatment for Melasma)
  • 2.5% hydrocortisone is safe around eyes for use up to 15 days/month
  • Ammonium lactate (AmLactin) for dry skin and for hypopigmentation
  • Amlactin + steroid to treat folliculitis
  • “Guttate” = drop like
  • Imiquimod 5% for warts or intralesional candida injections
  • Cellulitis tx => doxy 100 BID or Bactrim
  • Calcyflaxis => pain during dialysis at distant site, classically adipose rich areas (butt, thigh) => urgency/emergency
  • For acne, 4% benzoyl peroxide works just as good at 10%

Plantar Wart Treatment #

  • HPV types 2, 5, 8
    • Don’t like to be warm, that’s why are found on feet and hands, colder
  • Wart Stick
    • looks like a glue stick or chapstick
    • Use BID
      • qHS soak feet in as hot water as can handle (virus likes the cold, burn them out!)
      • Cover with bandaid after treatment
    • Once per week, file down all the dead white skin until starts getting painful (means you’re through the dead stuff)
      • one day after filing, restart wart stick
  • Wart Peel
    • Salycilic acid plus 5-FU
    • Avalible from NuCara compounding pharmacy

OTC Product Recommendations #

Indication Product
Makeup Bare Minerals
Mositurizer Vasselene
Body Soap Vanicream
Sunscreen Zinc Oxided basedEltaMD
SPF Clothes Coolibar
Scaring Scar FX DressingKeloKote

Dr. Arbuckle’s Favorites #

  • Soaps/Cleansers
    • Cetaphil liquid cleanser
    • Dove sensitive liquid soap
    • Olay sensitive liquid soap
    • Benzoyl Peroxide Wash 4-5% for acne
  • Moisturizer for body
    • Vanicream
    • Cetaphil cream
    • CereVe Cream
    • Aveeno skin relief moisturizing cream
  • Moisturizer for face
    • Moisturel
    • Cetaphil lotion
  • Sunscreen
    • SPF 50+
    • Zinc oxide and/or titanium

Topical Steroid Strength #

Strength Steroid
Weak Hydrocortisone acetate <2.5%
Low Triamcinalone 0.025% (not ointment)
Low-Mid Triamcinalone 0.025%
Mid Triamcinalone 0.1%
Mid-High Triamcinalone 0.5%
High Betamethasone dipropionate 0.05%
Super-High Clobetasol 0.05%
  • Only use clobetasol on face/groin/axilla/rectum for 1-2 days max.
  • Covering an area of applied steroids increases the effecacy/strength of the steroid.
  • Ointments best, avoid creams/lotions/etc unless needed. Non-ointment generally lowers potency